Chris and Karen Model ~ 16th

"Very professional and on time!"

Dermot and his team did an amazing job working within the space limitation of our kitchen.  He even built us a custom armoir to give us even more storage space.  Very professional and on time!  We would highly recommend them to anyone who really needs to get it done!

Client A

"He is an absolute angel..."

It is with much pleasure that I can recommend [Dermot and his team].
We bought and did a major renovation of an apartment in Paris.
We were in the fortunate position to be in Paris and interview 3 contractors that had been recommended to us. [Dermot] was one of the three.
What really impressed us from the start with [Dermot] was that he wouldn't hurry in making his estimate. He worked very hard on it with huge detail.

Being a builder by trade he also gave us confidence that he knew hands on what he was talking about. He offered fantastic suggestions for where we could save money as well, but also highlighted areas that couldn't be skimped on (we had to move the main power board).

It was an easy decision to make as he also had a fabulous reference from the owner of a business on the corner of our street who we physically met with. [Dermot] was often called in to finish off jobs for him because he could rely on him to give him a quality finish.

Accordingly we appointed [Dermot] and then flew back to New Zealand.

[Dermot] then started the demolition and it is fair to say that we had no nasty surprises apart from the parquet flooring in the master bedroom not going all the way across the room. [Dermot] gave us 3 good options with no pressure to spend huge amounts of money to rectify the problem. (He had warned us that this could be a problem).

He sent many photos while he worked on the project as well. I totally trusted him to choose our bathroom, and he did an outstanding job.

I think our project took 3 months to complete and half way through we visited and met all his workmen. They were all genuine and really good workmen and a delight to meet.
We did not have 1 complaint from our body corporate.

The project continued on time and on budget with not one nasty surprise. 
We did have a very old, built-in library that [Dermot] had to shorten to fit the new layout. The trick was to make it look as though it had never been touched. [Dermot] picked up tools himself and finished it to an amazing standard.

When we moved in, [Dermot] was on hand again with his team to help me put up curtain rails , towel hooks etc.

He is an absolute angel.
I can thoroughly recommend him on all counts...budget, workmanship, reliability, honesty and integrity. In fact my husband and I plan to buy another apartment in Paris as we feel that we would love to work with [Dermot] again.
And on second thoughts when we do up our villa in the South of France I think we will relocate him down there!

Oh and I should tell you that 6 months later I dropped a glass soap container in our brand new shower and smashed the tiles. [Dermot] came around immediately and had it fixed (and you have now reminded me that he still hasn't invoiced us for that)…

Client B

"The quality of his work is perfect...

I have bought and sold real estate for 35 years.  
I would give [Dermot] my checkbook. I have worked with [Dermot]
for 9 years. I bought three apartments in Paris. He did work on all
of them. I was able to do all that I did in Paris because of [Dermot].

He watches a job site like a hawk he has workers that have been
with him a long time. The quality of his work is perfect. He takes
great pride in how his job sites are run and in his finish product.
He is a man of his word. He understands the fears for us American's
at a distance.
Do not hesitate giving over your keys to [Dermot]. You can rest assured
that the job will get done. He is always available by email.

He is a man of his word.

Client C

"He is Professional, (and) Trustworthy..." 

This is a company that provides QUALITY service and HONOR their commitments to their clients and suppliers. I have heard too many stories about disreputable and dishonest contractors and renovation companies. I have bought and renovated 4 different apartments in Paris and have always been able to rely on [Dermot]. He has always done Excellent work for myself and my clients. He is Professional, Trustworthy and takes great Pride in his work ethic.

Client D

..."he is very clever at suggesting and fitting things like kitchen cabinets to maximize space as much as possible."

I am an American who bought an apartment in Paris while I was still living in the US . [Dermot] was recommended to me to contact for rehab advice on the apartment. I ended up redoing the entire place – floor, walls (tearing down and building new ones), painting, customizing a kitchen, etc. Not only was [Dermot] a perfectionist in his work, but he is very clever at suggesting and fitting things like kitchen cabinets to maximize space as much as possible. I also trusted him implicitly as I was living in the US and was making frequent trips to Paris to check on the progress and next steps. Today, I have a beautiful apartment, and also have [Dermot] as a contact to work on my behalf when problems arise. I can’t recommend [Dermot and his team] highly enough for all rehab projects in Paris .

Client E


"...the man is a perfectionist." 

I have nothing but the highest praise and respect for [Dermot]. He has been a LIFE SAVER and I trust him implicitly. My pied a terre is in the 16th and we ended up redoing the whole place – putting up walls, tearing down walls, new floor, electrics, fitted kitchen, tiles, etc. I’ve run the full gambit with him. I also started the work when I was still living in Chicago. The apt became my hobby and devotion for about 2 years, but it was great fun. 
Bear in mind, it takes time. The hard part of all this work is clearing the debris away, and is costly. You never see building debris hanging around anywhere in Paris so they have to keep carting it out somewhere outside the city itself. 
Lastly, the man is a perfectionist. His work is impeccable. 
So, rest assured you will be in good hands.